Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats

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Shimano PD-M520L SPD pedals are specifically designed for hardcore mountain bikers that depend on durability in their pedals to keep them rolling. They are very reasonably priced and offer most of the features that anyone could need from a mountain bike pedal. They are dual sided and lightweight to accommodate beginners or expert riders by making it easy to get clipped in on the fly. The word class SPD style retention system is utilized to keep your cleats anchored to the pedal.

These PD-M520L SPD pedals feature a simple tension adjustment to accommodate rider preference as to how easy or hard they prefer in getting in and out of the pedal. A quick turn of an allen head wrench will tailor the force required to release out of the pedals when you are coming to stop. The tension adjustment can be loosened or tightened to the riders’ personal preference and needs based on their pedaling power.

As is the case with most Shimano mountain bike pedals, the PD-M520L SPD pedals can be installed in a matter of minutes with nothing more than an 8 mm Allen wrench, making it very easy to pull them off and on to clean up if necessary although you will be pleased to know that they are equipped with low maintenance axles that are sealed to cut down on maintenance needs. They are hollow bodied aluminum pedals to save weight and are extremely effective at shedding mud, a big improvement over previous designs.

The quality of the Shimano PD-M520L SPD mountain bike pedals rank right up there with the best pedals around, but at a very reasonable price point. They work great and should last you for many, many rides with just a little bit of maintenance and care.


Beginner with learning curve – Easy to use!, June 20, 2007

I’m new to the sport of Mtn Biking and bought these for my Specialized Hard Rock. They are awesome! Easy clip in and you can get out fast (tention is adjustable). They were easy to install and were very compatible with my Specialized shoes. I even bought the plastic clip on pedal covers (to function as normal pedals) so I could do some street riding with my kids.

Works great! Smooth, sturdy, adjustable, reliable., November 15, 2008

Have been using this pedal for road bicycling for about a year. Haven’t been disappointed. The pedal has been working smoothly for over 1000 miles, requires no maintenance, clips in/out smoothly, and has adjustable tightness (from very easy in/out to very tight). Overall a very solid pedal, smooth clipping in/out, and simply works great! The paint and aluminum has been scratched, but the cro-moly clipping mechanism is in perfect condition.

Overall, very well priced at forty with a set of cleats. Don’t really see a reason to upgrade to the PD-540 or PD-770.

Before you expect to hit the road, loosen the pedals about 1 full round (there are two 3mm hex screws per pedal for adjusting tension) so that it is not too tight. And practice getting in and out. I fell twice within the first weeks because I was not accustomed to getting in/out quickly. After you get used to it, adjust it to your preference.

Great pedal, May 12, 2007
This is a great pedal for the price. If you are new to clips on outdoor bikes like me the this is good for you as you can adjust the tension according to your preference and/or skill level. For the price and my needs I ended up buying a second set for my road bike.


price: 33.00
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