Princeton Tec EOS Tactical MPLS LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec EOS Tactical MPLS LED Headlamp

  • Rugged and durable
  • The housing is waterproof, drop-proof, and reliable thanks to Princeton Tec’s bad ass overmolding process
  • Has four output modes, the strongest can shine up to 56 m
  • Can mount headlamp on an NVG mount, headlamp, helmet mount, and MOLLE
  • The standard lens filter system is super strong, high-tec and stealthy. Like your little brother.

The EOS Tactical MPLS is where the fast and effective capabilities of the MPLS system meet ruggedness and durability. Princeton Tec’s premiere overmolding process results in a waterproof, drop-proof, reliable housing. Boasting four output modes (the strongest of which can shine up to 56m) and the standard lens filter system, the EOS Tactical-MPLS is strong, stealthy and state-of-the-art.


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